I like making outfits. I usually use material or sheets.  I have fun figuring out how it will look the nicest.  Sometimes, I just design with clothes.

In this picture of me with Nora, we both wore the outfit at different times. I designed my dress first and then remade it for Nora. Momma made it so we could be twins on the computer!






Momma Camp –Friday

During Mommy Camp, I attacked Mark with water guns almost everyday when he got home from work. Then we had water gun fights.

I helped take care of Audrey’s butterflies.
I got to take care of the neighbor’s animals all by myself. (With a little help from Mark and Momma)

Momma found a neat kite on sale. Mark and I had fun flying it.

When Daddy was coming home with the kids, I got to go and see Auntie Kristi when she got Casteel.  Momma bought me a yummy drink that I hardly had to share!  Then Mommy camp was over.

I think this Mommy camp is the best one ever!  Next year I want to be sure to have water guns again 🙂