Baking Cookies

Today I wanted to make cookies. Momma said I could learn to make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Andrea watched me, but I made them all by myself. I even got to open the stove and check the cookies. I put some of the cookies in, and learned how to take them out carefully. I did not want to get burnt!

Here is the recipe I used, two bite chocolate chip cookies. I just used mini chocolate chips and Reece’s mini pieces instead of the chocolate chips.


My first soccer game was last night. I started off by playing goalie. I did perfect! The ball never came across the line. Because everyone was on the other team’s side most of the time. When it did come to my side, it never got close to my box.

My coaches are Bob Larry (Audrey) and Jo (Andrea). When Audrey asked her name, the girls named her Bob and she responded “yeah, sure”. Then she said Andrea was “Jo”. So that is their names.

My team is called “Bob Larry and the Jet Sour Apples”. The sponsor is “Jeg” and we thought it sounded like “jet”, and we all have bright yellow shirts, like sour apples!

I also played defender. I learned how to stay in my position last year. The other girls will learn this year, hopefully. I had one really good save, I kicked the ball HARD!

We won 5-0. If you want to come to any of my games, here is my schedule.

Date Time Field
30 April Game 5:30 6
7 May Game 6:30 5
14 May Game 5:30 5
21 May Game 5:30 5
28 May Game 6:30 6
4 June Game Tournament time TBA

P.S. Adrian plays on Thursdays.

Date Time Field
25 April Game 5:30 7
2 May Game 6:30 7
9 May Game 5:30 7
16 May Game 6:30 7
23 May Game 5:30 7
30 May Game 6:30 7
6 June Tournament time TBA

Gorp Recipes

Before vacation, we made lots of Gorp. We planned to munch on it, but mostly eat it for lunch. It is super easy to carry and we could take it most anywhere.

Here are the Gorps we came up with this time.

Valentine Gorp

Assorted mix of Peanut M&M’s, walnuts, pecans, cranberries and raisins

Chocolate Cherry Nut

Almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate covered cherries and dried cherries

Cranberries, Cashews and mini m&m’s
Megan’s Speciality

Almonds, pecans, mini m&m’s and chocolate covered cherries