Going Sledding

On Monday and Tuesday we got nine inches of snow. Some places were a little more! We wanted to go sledding but the roads looked terrible! The snow plow went by and Momma said “if the roads are good, we can go!” The roads were good!

We had lots and lots of fun sledding. Whenever we went down the hill, the snow would fly up in our faces! I did not like it the first time, but after that was fine.

We went sledding for more than an hour. Then we played “King of the Hill”. I was the last one still up there. I won! (I “always” win 🙂 )


The first day we were at the Badlands, we got there about lunch time. We took a hike by the visitor center. We learned we could explore most anywhere and not have to stay on the path. But sometimes there were signs limiting where you could explore.

We had lots of fun exploring. They had lots of hills that were dirt. They were really pretty. Some had stripes, others were yellow, some pink and some green. There were some with lots and lots and lots of colors. They reminded me of the Painted Mines in CO, but these are BIGGER.

After exploring, we set up camp and then went exploring again. We had fun with selfies too 🙂

Mommy Camp-Camp Patmos

Daddy left to get the kids from camp on Friday night. So we decided to head to Camp Patmos early and meet them there!

On the way we got donuts for lunch. They are one of my favorite kinds, chocolate with Bavarian cream! We listened to the “Great Emu War”. It was good! Then I dozed.

Mark and I got to go swimming. Mommy went swimming too! I was attempting to catch lightening bugs before bed. I got to sleep in a hammock near the woods. It was fun and quiet!

On Saturday we saw the kids! We got to sleep in hammocks by the water. Mommy has not done that before! She has never slept under the stars, in a hammock by the water.

Then we had to come home on Sunday. It was good to see Andrea.