Letter From Editor

Little Red Playing Music. Created by Megan McGuire, 10 Feb 2022

Dear Red Riding Hood;

I am glad you enjoy our magazine. Here are some tips to keep wolves out of the house:

  1. Do not socialize with wolves, stay away from them!
  2. If a wolf gets in the house, bang pots and pans and make a lot of noise. I would recommend playing country music full blast.
  3. Call your local hunter or 911.
  4. Get one of those fancy video doorbells.
  5. As all children should know, if you do not know who it is, do not open the door!

Yours truly,

Jacob W. Grimm

Letter to Editor

Little Red with Wolf. Created by Megan McGuire, 9 Feb 2022

Dear editor;

I enjoy your magazine. I wish I had read your “Safety on the Trail” sooner, because I once had a little trouble when I went hiking to Grandma’s house. I went because my mother told me to take Grandma cookies.

Although I know I should not have, I was talking to a stranger while picking flowers a little off the trail. In the end, my question is; how do you keep wolves out of the house when your Grandma is half deaf?

Your fan,

Red Riding Hood


My sister Ande and I went to M&M antiques where we saw Mr. Goodbar. He gave me ten bottle caps because he knew I had a collection. We gave Mr. Goodbar a huge hug. He said, “You two give a whopper of a hug”, and to his wife who was a sweetie he said,”Hi Tootsie.”

We said bye, and went to play. Ande’s best friend, who’s nickname was Pez, yelled “Hi”and ran over to where we where playing mini golf. He snickered and said “You two ‘nerds’ are suckers at golf.” We agreed, we were not very good at it.

We finished playing and then went home with Pez.

(How many types of candy can you find? Can you add to the story with more candy names?)