Throwing Practice

Last Saturday we went to Five Medals, a place with lots of fun stuff. You can learn a lot of history there. It was fun.

There was an ax throwing station. Momma, Daddy and Andrea, and Uncle Josh and Auntie Angie and Oma and Opa all got to do it.  No one else could because they were too young. I asked everyone to do it by blinking my eyes and asking sweetly “please?” If Mark could have been there, I would have gotten him to do it too!

Everyone did pretty good. Auntie Angie and Oma did not make the ax stick.  But they tried hard! Daddy and Opa got two in on their first tries!  I wish I was old enough to try!

One thought on “Throwing Practice”

  1. That was fun! The man said that the small target was harder wood that the big one, so it would be harder to make the ax stick. We had a good time that day. I love you!

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