Betsy and Lisa

These are my friends, Betsy and Lisa.  They started out as little brats because they were always jumping up and down. But as they got bigger, they stopped jumping. They are a lot more fun to play with now!  Especially when they want to get petted, they like to snuggle.

I was hiding from the puppies in this box.  She tried to make me pet her.  It worked!  Another time, the other dog followed me in!  Once I start petting them, they follow me when I walk away.

They are the neighbors dogs.  They live outside all the time or in their barn.  They really like it!  

They live with the goats now.  They do not guard the alpacas because the alpacas are all be adopted into new families.  The dogs are learning to guard the goats like alpacas, but it hardly ever works because some of the goats, especially George, fight the dogs for their food!

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