Mommy Camp -Tuesday

On Tuesday, I got to play with Nora. We dressed up in the exact same outfit so we could be twins! We had fun playing!

I had fun holding baby Elaina. I burped her for Auntie Angie.

I made chocolate chip cookies.  They were humongous.

When Mark got home, we had a water gun fight. It was so much fun! I hid behind Momma’s car and then snuck around to his car.  I got his work clothes soaking wet!

After I took care of the animals,  I went on a walk with Mark.

3 thoughts on “Mommy Camp -Tuesday”

  1. Nora had a lot of fun playing with your, too! And you were very good at holding and burping Elaina!

  2. You had a wonderful day! Bet Mark liked your cookies.
    I especially like the picture of you holding baby Elaina’s head so carefully.

  3. What a fun day. You said you walked with Mark? I only see one person walking! What a special time with special people!!

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