Mommy Camp 2019

Last week we had Mommy Camp! We had lots of fun.

The kids had to leave very early. Daddy woke me up when it was still dark. Mark kissed me goodbye and went to work. Then Daddy and the kids left.

Mommy really wanted me to go back to sleep. But I did not go to sleep, I was hungry so I ate a fresh cinnamon roll with maple frosting. That woke me up!

We painted our door sign and then we went to my dentist appointment. After the dentist, Mommy treated me to chocolate croissant and a smoothie for my “second breakfast” or early lunch.

We went to Hobby Lobby to find some art ideas. We did find some water balloons to play with later. Then Mommy taught me to make bread and we painted. Then Mark came home and I attacked him with a Nerf gun.

We took a bike ride before dinner and then Mark had fun showing off for me.

It was a fun first day!

P.S. I did not go to bed early 🙂

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