Mommy Camp (Wed & Thur)

I invented a new game. One person stands up high (on the patio) and throws an airplane down to the other person. The other person tries to catch the plane. You do it back and forth.

Mommy almost caught it three times, but needed to move faster and jump. But she did really good throwing it.

We did art often. One day we painted pictures–I will share that later! Then we made crayon art. Mommy and I cut out a black paper picture. Then we glued it on to a canvas. Then we melted crayons on it!

Mommy taught me how to make bread. I made a cinnamon loaf. All Mommy had to do was knead it.

When Mark got home, we had a water gun fight! Then Daddy joined in when he got home.

On Thursday, we filled water balloons and Mommy got soaked! Both water fights were fun in their own way. I want to do it again!

3 thoughts on “Mommy Camp (Wed & Thur)”

  1. You had lots of fun at Mommy Camp! I love the melted crayon art! I can almost smell the cinnamon bread. Yummy!

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