I went sledding yesterday.  We had very much fun. Mark and I went sledding and we were seeing who went the furthest.  I am pretty sure Audrey won.  It is hard to tell who won because sometimes you turn.  Adrian was very close to first.

The best part was when we started spinning.  We hit a bump and started spinning.  It was very fun.

We probably won’t go sledding again until after Mark goes to school.  I am glad we could go twice with him this holiday.

Sledding on Christmas

I asked Momma if we could go and sled at the park.  She said okay if Daddy said it is okay.  Daddy said we could! So we went sledding on Christmas morning!

It was very cold, but we played for an hour! I go to go sledding with Daddy and Mark.  That is special because Marky has not been home for awhile because he is at college. And it is fun sliding with Daddy!

I got to sled with Momma too.  She thought I was going too fast (giggle giggle, snicker snicker).

I hope that we get enough snow that we can go one more time before Mark goes back to school.