I saw some hummingbirds outside on their feeder.  I know they are just coming back from someplace warm.  The boys migrate back first.  Soon the girls will come too!

Usually, we have the sugar water out waiting for them.  This year, the hummingbirds came first before we put the food out and surprised us!

Easter Time

I made a cross for Easter. It was fun.

I made a cross because Jesus died for our sins. Sins are anything we say, think or do that breaks God’s law.  His law is in the Bible.

But, Jesus did not stay dead, he rose again three days later.  It shows God’s power! It proves Jesus can take away our sins.

That is why we celebrate Easter!

Prince Thor

This is Prince Thor. Flopsy is holding the canopy so Prince Thor does not get hot.  Squire Paul is helping the Prince defeat the enemy.

Princess Grace was captured by the fire breathing evil dog Nala.  Prince Thor came and rescued her and tied the evil villain up to a tree and put a bucket of water on her so she could not breathe fire anymore.

So now they are heading back to the McGuire Castle for an ice cream party to celebrate.  They are going to have peanut butter and chocolate ice cream!