I saw some hummingbirds outside on their feeder.  I know they are just coming back from someplace warm.  The boys migrate back first.  Soon the girls will come too!

Usually, we have the sugar water out waiting for them.  This year, the hummingbirds came first before we put the food out and surprised us!

Soccer-RS Pest!

My soccer season started.  I had a lot a fun at my first game! We are called the RS Pests. I have ten girls on my team. My color is pink which is what color I wanted. I am number seven.

Most of my games are Monday evenings.  Here is the schedule if you want to come. They are behind the Goshen College gym on soccer field one.  Practice and warm up is the first half hour and the game starts on the hour.

  • 30 April at 6:30
  • 7 May at 5:30
  • 14 May 6:30
  • 21 May 5:30
  • 30 May 6:30
  • 4 June 5:30

Trying Something New

Oma brought us some sprinkles for on toast when she went to Bonaire last year.

Some of them look like mini mini marshmallows.  Some are like shredded pieces of chocolate.  And the others are like chocolate sprinkles for on donuts.

We had them for lunch today. I did not like the shredded ones, but they were Andrea’s favorite.  The others were good too, but the pink and yellow ones were VERY sweet.

Just for fun we looked it some words. Hagelslag means hailstorm.  Vlokken  is shavings and vruchten hagel are the fruit flavored ones.  We learned there are some licorice flavored ones called muisjes which means little mice. Daddy and I might like those!

Thank you Oma and Opa for the special treat.



I went sledding yesterday.  We had very much fun. Mark and I went sledding and we were seeing who went the furthest.  I am pretty sure Audrey won.  It is hard to tell who won because sometimes you turn.  Adrian was very close to first.

The best part was when we started spinning.  We hit a bump and started spinning.  It was very fun.

We probably won’t go sledding again until after Mark goes to school.  I am glad we could go twice with him this holiday.