I like making outfits. I usually use material or sheets.  I have fun figuring out how it will look the nicest.  Sometimes, I just design with clothes.

In this picture of me with Nora, we both wore the outfit at different times. I designed my dress first and then remade it for Nora. Momma made it so we could be twins on the computer!






Momma Camp –Friday

During Mommy Camp, I attacked Mark with water guns almost everyday when he got home from work. Then we had water gun fights.

I helped take care of Audrey’s butterflies.
I got to take care of the neighbor’s animals all by myself. (With a little help from Mark and Momma)

Momma found a neat kite on sale. Mark and I had fun flying it.

When Daddy was coming home with the kids, I got to go and see Auntie Kristi when she got Casteel.  Momma bought me a yummy drink that I hardly had to share!  Then Mommy camp was over.

I think this Mommy camp is the best one ever!  Next year I want to be sure to have water guns again 🙂

Mommy Camp- Wednesday Morning

We went to the zoo with Jonathan and George, my cousins! Grandpa and Grandma took us.

I saw lots of animals. I wanted to see the zebras.  I found something sort of like a zebra and I liked it better! It is an okapi or forest giraffe.  I wanted to see a giraffe or elephant, but there weren’t any.

We got to see my friends Miss Elizabeth and Abigail.

Grandpa let me go on the carousel. I rode the giraffe and the zebra.  Momma rode the elephant but we did not get a picture.   Then we rode the train.

We had a wonderful time!



Mommy Camp -Tuesday

On Tuesday, I got to play with Nora. We dressed up in the exact same outfit so we could be twins! We had fun playing!

I had fun holding baby Elaina. I burped her for Auntie Angie.

I made chocolate chip cookies.  They were humongous.

When Mark got home, we had a water gun fight. It was so much fun! I hid behind Momma’s car and then snuck around to his car.  I got his work clothes soaking wet!

After I took care of the animals,  I went on a walk with Mark.


I saw some hummingbirds outside on their feeder.  I know they are just coming back from someplace warm.  The boys migrate back first.  Soon the girls will come too!

Usually, we have the sugar water out waiting for them.  This year, the hummingbirds came first before we put the food out and surprised us!

Soccer-RS Pest!

My soccer season started.  I had a lot a fun at my first game! We are called the RS Pests. I have ten girls on my team. My color is pink which is what color I wanted. I am number seven.

Most of my games are Monday evenings.  Here is the schedule if you want to come. They are behind the Goshen College gym on soccer field one.  Practice and warm up is the first half hour and the game starts on the hour.

  • 30 April at 6:30
  • 7 May at 5:30
  • 14 May 6:30
  • 21 May 5:30
  • 30 May 6:30
  • 4 June 5:30