Fire Art

Mommy let us play with fire! We spun around and around and around in a circle with a whisk and steel wool.

I had to be very very very careful. Audrey or Andrea was close by if I had a problem. Momma told me to put everything down if I did not like it. I liked it though. Maybe we can do some more fire art soon.


We do not have very much snow. I really wanted to go sledding. I asked Momma if we could go sledding. She said “maybe”. She told Adrian to pull me around the yard in the sled. He pulled me really fast and it was fun!

Then Momma took us to the park!  We went sledding. It worked.  It worked very well. It was a lot of fun!

There was not much snow left when we left to go home 🙂  But I left a snow angel for someone to find on their walk.


I got to be part of the church’s Christmas nativity.  Adrian was Joseph and I was Mary.  Andrea and Audrey were “Angel wranglers”.  The little girls were angels and Jackson was the little drummer boy.

I got to sit in the front, play with “baby Jesus” and whisper to Joseph. We got to sing some of the songs too.

Grinch Party

Yesterday at the library they had a Grinch Party. We went to Whoville and I learned my name would be “Augie Kaska, Moo-who.” We took silly pictures in front of a blue sheet.

We met the Grinch.  We also got to try some music instruments.  My favorite was the violin. Mommy liked the cello.

When we left, we got some ice cream!  Then we came home and had lunch because I was kind of hungry.