I went sledding yesterday.  We had very much fun. Mark and I went sledding and we were seeing who went the furthest.  I am pretty sure Audrey won.  It is hard to tell who won because sometimes you turn.  Adrian was very close to first.

The best part was when we started spinning.  We hit a bump and started spinning.  It was very fun.

We probably won’t go sledding again until after Mark goes to school.  I am glad we could go twice with him this holiday.

First Sledding of the Year

I went sledding with my big brother.  Every year we make a sledding hill on our porch.  Then we have to try it out to see if it is doing good.  Once it is done, we can go down as much as we want.  Sometimes it will break and it isn’t so good for sledding until we fix it. Then we wait for more snow to build it back up.

I hope for more snow tomorrow and the next day!

Betsy and Lisa

These are my friends, Betsy and Lisa.  They started out as little brats because they were always jumping up and down. But as they got bigger, they stopped jumping. They are a lot more fun to play with now!  Especially when they want to get petted, they like to snuggle.

I was hiding from the puppies in this box.  She tried to make me pet her.  It worked!  Another time, the other dog followed me in!  Once I start petting them, they follow me when I walk away.

They are the neighbors dogs.  They live outside all the time or in their barn.  They really like it!  

They live with the goats now.  They do not guard the alpacas because the alpacas are all be adopted into new families.  The dogs are learning to guard the goats like alpacas, but it hardly ever works because some of the goats, especially George, fight the dogs for their food!

Learning to Make Candy!

Momma said I was big enough to learn to make simple candy.  Here is my recipe.

Melt a good tasting chocolate.  Add a few handfuls of chopped nuts; I like walnuts best. Then mix in small marshmallows or cut up large ones.  We tried the dehydrated ones this time and we like them better than the white ones.  The candy is crunchy.

Put them in the freezer to get hard.  Break them into smaller pieces.

Then you eat the candy!  But they taste better if you share first.


I got to use the leaf blower to blow leaves. It was heavy!  I could hardly lift it. I was trying by myself and Audrey was watching and helping me when I needed it.

We were trying to clean the yard of all the leaves and make a HUGE leaf pile.

We made a leaf pile, but it rained and they are not fun to play in right now.

Throwing Practice

Last Saturday we went to Five Medals, a place with lots of fun stuff. You can learn a lot of history there. It was fun.

There was an ax throwing station. Momma, Daddy and Andrea, and Uncle Josh and Auntie Angie and Oma and Opa all got to do it.  No one else could because they were too young. I asked everyone to do it by blinking my eyes and asking sweetly “please?” If Mark could have been there, I would have gotten him to do it too!

Everyone did pretty good. Auntie Angie and Oma did not make the ax stick.  But they tried hard! Daddy and Opa got two in on their first tries!  I wish I was old enough to try!