Nutcracker Field Trip

We went to the Nutcracker.  I enjoyed it.  I loved being with Auntie Kristi!  She came from Ohio to watch it with us!  After intermission, she took me to the empty balcony to watch some of the show.  I could see what they were doing over behind the scenes.  That was fun to watch.

Then we went to the chocolate factory.  We could not get Mark’s favorite candy, seafoam in the “slightly imperfect”.  But, we did get him a little.  Mommy and Daddy bought us some hot chocolate too. We had a lot of fun!


Ice Skating

This was my first time ice skating. It was very much fun! Auntie Lilly and Uncle Sam treated us.

At first when you get on the ice, it is hard.  But when you get more on it and you know how to move your legs, it is easier.

The whale thing was to help me get used to it. I preferred not having it.

Snow Fun


Yesterday and today we had lots of fun in the snow.

Yesterday we made a snowman and had a snowball fight with Mark, it was fun.

Today we made a sledding hill and went sledding in the snow. It was good packing snow. I hope we can play in the snow some more.