Prince Thor

This is Prince Thor. Flopsy is holding the canopy so Prince Thor does not get hot.  Squire Paul is helping the Prince defeat the enemy.

Princess Grace was captured by the fire breathing evil dog Nala.  Prince Thor came and rescued her and tied the evil villain up to a tree and put a bucket of water on her so she could not breathe fire anymore.

So now they are heading back to the McGuire Castle for an ice cream party to celebrate.  They are going to have peanut butter and chocolate ice cream!


Trying Something New

Oma brought us some sprinkles for on toast when she went to Bonaire last year.

Some of them look like mini mini marshmallows.  Some are like shredded pieces of chocolate.  And the others are like chocolate sprinkles for on donuts.

We had them for lunch today. I did not like the shredded ones, but they were Andrea’s favorite.  The others were good too, but the pink and yellow ones were VERY sweet.

Just for fun we looked it some words. Hagelslag means hailstorm.  Vlokken  is shavings and vruchten hagel are the fruit flavored ones.  We learned there are some licorice flavored ones called muisjes which means little mice. Daddy and I might like those!

Thank you Oma and Opa for the special treat.



I went sledding yesterday.  We had very much fun. Mark and I went sledding and we were seeing who went the furthest.  I am pretty sure Audrey won.  It is hard to tell who won because sometimes you turn.  Adrian was very close to first.

The best part was when we started spinning.  We hit a bump and started spinning.  It was very fun.

We probably won’t go sledding again until after Mark goes to school.  I am glad we could go twice with him this holiday.