Mommy Camp (Wed & Thur)

I invented a new game. One person stands up high (on the patio) and throws an airplane down to the other person. The other person tries to catch the plane. You do it back and forth.

Mommy almost caught it three times, but needed to move faster and jump. But she did really good throwing it.

We did art often. One day we painted pictures–I will share that later! Then we made crayon art. Mommy and I cut out a black paper picture. Then we glued it on to a canvas. Then we melted crayons on it!

Mommy taught me how to make bread. I made a cinnamon loaf. All Mommy had to do was knead it.

When Mark got home, we had a water gun fight! Then Daddy joined in when he got home.

On Thursday, we filled water balloons and Mommy got soaked! Both water fights were fun in their own way. I want to do it again!

Potowatomi Zoo 2019

On Tuesday, Grandpa and Grandma took Jonathan (my cousin) and me to the zoo. We saw lots and lots of animals. I wanted to see the okapi, but it was not out.

We got to ride the carousel.

Momma liked the tiger. Especially when it saw a small dog walking and it perked up on the other side of the window from us.

Grandpa liked the Bobcats

Grandma liked the alpacas.

Jonathan liked the turtles and the “animal train”

I liked all the animals and would have enjoyed more time to explore. I also really liked the ice cream that Grandpa treated me to.

Mommy Camp 2019

Last week we had Mommy Camp! We had lots of fun.

The kids had to leave very early. Daddy woke me up when it was still dark. Mark kissed me goodbye and went to work. Then Daddy and the kids left.

Mommy really wanted me to go back to sleep. But I did not go to sleep, I was hungry so I ate a fresh cinnamon roll with maple frosting. That woke me up!

We painted our door sign and then we went to my dentist appointment. After the dentist, Mommy treated me to chocolate croissant and a smoothie for my “second breakfast” or early lunch.

We went to Hobby Lobby to find some art ideas. We did find some water balloons to play with later. Then Mommy taught me to make bread and we painted. Then Mark came home and I attacked him with a Nerf gun.

We took a bike ride before dinner and then Mark had fun showing off for me.

It was a fun first day!

P.S. I did not go to bed early 🙂


“SourApples” with Coaches “Bob Larry” and “Jo” (My team came up with the names 🙂 )

Soccer this year went very quickly. My team was a lot of fun and teased the coaches a lot. We worked hard together and had lots of fun!

I played goalie for a few games. It was fun, but I usually played defense. Sometimes it was boring, because the ball never got past the mid point!

I played in my first tournament. We tried hard. The winning team won by one point.

Momma said we did very well and that she would love to us play again when both teams are rested. Because of the way tournaments are, our team played three games in a row, while the other team had a break after two games. She does not know if my team would win, but she said it would be a very exciting game!

Baking Cookies

Today I wanted to make cookies. Momma said I could learn to make peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Andrea watched me, but I made them all by myself. I even got to open the stove and check the cookies. I put some of the cookies in, and learned how to take them out carefully. I did not want to get burnt!

Here is the recipe I used, two bite chocolate chip cookies. I just used mini chocolate chips and Reece’s mini pieces instead of the chocolate chips.


My first soccer game was last night. I started off by playing goalie. I did perfect! The ball never came across the line. Because everyone was on the other team’s side most of the time. When it did come to my side, it never got close to my box.

My coaches are Bob Larry (Audrey) and Jo (Andrea). When Audrey asked her name, the girls named her Bob and she responded “yeah, sure”. Then she said Andrea was “Jo”. So that is their names.

My team is called “Bob Larry and the Jet Sour Apples”. The sponsor is “Jeg” and we thought it sounded like “jet”, and we all have bright yellow shirts, like sour apples!

I also played defender. I learned how to stay in my position last year. The other girls will learn this year, hopefully. I had one really good save, I kicked the ball HARD!

We won 5-0. If you want to come to any of my games, here is my schedule.

Date Time Field
30 April Game 5:30 6
7 May Game 6:30 5
14 May Game 5:30 5
21 May Game 5:30 5
28 May Game 6:30 6
4 June Game Tournament time TBA

P.S. Adrian plays on Thursdays.

Date Time Field
25 April Game 5:30 7
2 May Game 6:30 7
9 May Game 5:30 7
16 May Game 6:30 7
23 May Game 5:30 7
30 May Game 6:30 7
6 June Tournament time TBA