Last Soccer Game

Monday was my last soccer game because we got rained out of the game before.

For our last game, the other team did not have enough players. So we let them borrow a few of our team.  We had a tie, 15:15!  If I had caught the last ball, we would have won.  But if I had missed one of the ones I caught, we would have lost.

It was Audrey’s birthday.  So we had the girls’ sign a card for her. Then everyone sang “Happy Birthday to her”. 

It was a good year even though it felt very short!

Soccer 14 May

I am in orange because I was a substitute for the other team. Actually, it is pretty hard because my team is good and I am used to being on their team. It was fun playing with another team though.

I do not know what team won this week. I did not keep track, sometimes I do.  It was very hot this week.  It made playing a lot harder.

I like being the goalie, but I prefer to be on the field.  I like trying different positions though.

I hope that we do not get rained out of my next game!


I saw some hummingbirds outside on their feeder.  I know they are just coming back from someplace warm.  The boys migrate back first.  Soon the girls will come too!

Usually, we have the sugar water out waiting for them.  This year, the hummingbirds came first before we put the food out and surprised us!

Soccer-RS Pest!

My soccer season started.  I had a lot a fun at my first game! We are called the RS Pests. I have ten girls on my team. My color is pink which is what color I wanted. I am number seven.

Most of my games are Monday evenings.  Here is the schedule if you want to come. They are behind the Goshen College gym on soccer field one.  Practice and warm up is the first half hour and the game starts on the hour.

  • 30 April at 6:30
  • 7 May at 5:30
  • 14 May 6:30
  • 21 May 5:30
  • 30 May 6:30
  • 4 June 5:30