Items I need or would enjoy having

How this page works:

    • Mom keeps this page up to date. When I think of something I would like, I ask her to add it to my list.  I do not look at this page.
    • If you buy something off this list, please tell Mom so I do not receive doubles.  She will NOT tell me and I won’t check this page.
    • Please ask Momma or Daddy if you have ideas other than what is on my list.
        • If you chose to get something not approved or on my list, please include the gift receipt.
  • Thank you for trying to find something special for me.

Anything you buy will be kept secret. I love surprises as much as you like giving them.

Assorted Ideas

  • Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte From Bath and Body Works only.  Body cream preferred or lotion
  • A Lego set with a panda or giraffe?  Or a bunch of cute Lego animals.
  • LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Sanctuary 41424
  • LEGO City Town Ski Resort 60203
  • LEGO Creator Townhouse Pet Shop & Café 31097
  • LEGO City Diving Yacht 60221
  • Friends Mia’s Camper Van 41339 If can find one, they are discontinued 🙂
  • LEGO Friends Friendship Bus 41395 LEGO
  • LEGO Creator 31051 Lighthouse Point Building Kit
  • LEGO Creator 31052 Vacation Getaways Building Kit

Clothes (please provide gift receipt in case does not fit.)  I prefer 

  • T-shirt “Forget glass slippers, this princess wears cowboy boots“.  16/18 or 18/20 girls t-shirt so can fit into longer. Prefer pink.  Not white shirt.
  • Mostly pink (flowers or accent are nice) real cowgirl shirt with shiny snaps.  If you have an idea, please ask Momma.  Size 14/16 girls.

Books (used is fine if good quality and no ex library books please)

  • Famous Five by Enid Blyton
    • Five run away together
    • Five Go to Smugglers Top
    • Five Go off in a Caravan
    • Five on Kirrin Island again
    • Five go off to Camp
  • Three Investigators– please be sure they are the older copies, pre 1970’s)
    • Stuttering Parrot
    • Vanishing Treasure
    • Screaming Clock
  • Noddy by Enid Blyton (the older the better, should be 1970’s or earlier, do NOT want the updated ones later than 1970.  Do not like the newer pictures. )
    • Noddy and His Car
    • Here comes Noddy again
    • Noddy goes to school
    • Noddy gets into trouble
    • You funny Little Noddy
    • Noddy goes to the fair
    • Noddy and the Tootles
    • Noddy and the Aeroplane

Favorite Treats

  • Pirouette Crème Filled Wafers Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies, large tins
  • Nutcracker Rooibus tea (my favorite tea).  Can be found at Georgia Tea Company and in Shipshewana!
  • Nutella
  • Scottish Dog real black licorice (not fake licorice)
  • Reece’s Pieces (much better than peanut butter cups)
  • Dill Pickles 🙂