Air Zoo

On Friday, we went to a museum. There were a lot of run rides! I liked pretending to fly a plane. I also did an airplane simulator with Mark. That was my favorite!

We got to see lots of planes. We did some science experiments!

Auntie Lilly and Henri, Genevieve and Arthur were there too. It was fun playing with them!

I even managed to get Momma to ride a few rides with me 🙂

Check out Adrian’s blog for other fun things we did 🙂

Eat with Chop Sticks Day

This is how you play the “Eat M&M’s Game”

You need chopsticks and M&M’s.  We used one snack size bag per person, but more is good too.

Someone says go.  Then you try to get the chopsticks to hold a lot of candy.  Don’t use your fingers.  Put the candy in a pile by you. You play until all the M&M’s are gone.  You count how many M&M’s you have. Whoever has the most M&M’s is the winner!

After you play the game (a few times), you split the M&M’s into equal piles and then eat them. For more fun, eat the candy with the chopsticks!