Colorado Bike

Aunt Bonnie brought this bike for me to play with while in Colorado.  I liked it a lot! I played on it most everyday, except for when it was freezing or wet.

At first Mommy wanted me to ride up and down were someone could see me.  One day, I realized the Andrea could see me while working on the roof.  I wanted to see how far I could ride before anyone noticed me.  Andrea saw me and ran after me.  Then she made me ride back.  I still beat her to the cattle guard.

Mommy and Daddy said I could ride to the cattle guard as much as I wanted then. Unfortunately, we had to go home soon.

Mommy Camp-Wednesday Water Park and Evening

A lot has happened since Mommy Camp.  But, I still wanted to share what we did!

Mommy tried to sneak my swimming suit to the zoo. After lunch and seeing a lot of the animals, Grandpa took us to the water park to cool down before going home.  I hope we can go to the zoo and water park again!

We got home late and enjoyed ice cream and a good book.

Mommy Camp-Monday

Mommy camp started today! We drew our sign and made lots of hand and foot prints.

We surprised Daddy by washing his car.   I made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Momma said they were the best she had in a very long time!

Then we went shopping for a water gun.  Momma found flowers for us to enjoy this week.

When Mark got home, I let him just get out of his car and shot him with my water gun.  Then we had a fun water gun fight.  I won.

Mommy Camp

Last night, Andrea made us all matching headbands…

This morning, Mark got me up before he left for work….
so I could wave good bye as Daddy drives the girls and Adrian to camp…

Now Thor and I can start “Mommy Camp” with Mommy.  Mark gets part time Mommy camp after work!

It is going to be a exciting week!