Origins of McGuire

For school this week I have been learning about the origins of my name.

McGuire is derived from Mag Uidhir meaning “son of the dark one”. The “Mc” is an abbreviation of Mac which means “son of”. Guire is the name so it has to be capitalized.

Now we will move on to tartans, coats-of-arms, and mottos. A tartan is a plaid design most clans in Scotland have a tartan, eventually a lot of Irish clans got them. The McGuire tartan is a mix of red, green, and navy blue.

The McGuire coat-of-arms is a knight in white riding a charger of the same color on a plain green backdrop. The white signifies military strength, the horse is a sign of loyalty to king and country. And the green signifies hope and joy.

The McGuire motto is “Justitia et fortitudo invincibilia sunt” which is Latin meaning “Justice and fortitude are invincible”.

Megan is Irish for “brave warrior”; unfortunately, there isn’t any any fun history of the name.

The Lion Of St Mark

A 303 page Historical Fiction by G. A. Henty

Francis is a good natured youth who always finds some kind of adventure, from rescuing two rich young heiresses from the clutches of a kidnapper to a full flaged sea battle. He also broke out of a ship and then captured multiple ships with only a handful of men.

This is one of my favorite of G. A. Henty’s books, mostly because I enjoy all the adventures he falls in to so often. I especially like when he sawed a hole in a wall of a ship to escape.

Beric The Briton

398 page Historical Fiction by G. A. Henty

Beric is a young British chief who wars against the Romans, because of how they oppressed the Britons, after a few years Beric and a handful of his men were captured. The romans were stunned that such a young man could lead such a well organized and successful uprising. The captives were taken to Rome and became gladiators. One day Beric saw a young Christian girl he knew about to be thrown to a lion. Beric went to her rescue, defeated the lion and saved her life then Beric went in to Nero’s service because of his bravery. Read the book to join the young chef and his companions in their many thrilling adventures.

I really enjoyed this book. I learned some things I did not know about gladiators and some of the historical events in this book. I really like how G. A. Henty teaches you about history in very a exciting way.

A Table in The Presence

I am doing a 25 book challenge, I have to finish all the books before fall and they have to be at least 200 pages long. Momma suggested I write a short report on each of them. Maybe I will read some you will be interested in.

This autobiography is about Marine chaplain Carey Cash in operation Iraqi freedom and the presence protection and providence of God in the chaos of war. Not only in the physical but also in the spiritual battle.

I would really suggest this book, especially if you want to learn about the U.S. marines and God’s providence even in the chaos of battle .