Eat with Chop Sticks Day

This is how you play the “Eat M&M’s Game”

You need chopsticks and M&M’s.  We used one snack size bag per person, but more is good too.

Someone says go.  Then you try to get the chopsticks to hold a lot of candy.  Don’t use your fingers.  Put the candy in a pile by you. You play until all the M&M’s are gone.  You count how many M&M’s you have. Whoever has the most M&M’s is the winner!

After you play the game (a few times), you split the M&M’s into equal piles and then eat them. For more fun, eat the candy with the chopsticks!

4 thoughts on “Eat with Chop Sticks Day”

  1. Megan,
    You should bring this game for our Table Fellowship this coming Sunday. We will get the M&Ms if you bring some chopsticks!

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